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Marketing has seen a plethora of different business models that have been utilised by marketers to achieve what they set out to do. Examples include the 4P’s of the marketing mix and the SWOT analysis. These present to the marketer a clear plan and understanding of a part of the business model. One other helpful matrix for marketers to set goals and objectives is the 5S’s – Sell, Speak, Serve, Save and Sizzle. The 5Ss developed by Dave Chaffey and PR Smith was developed in their book “E-marketing Excellence”. It creates a framework to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is planned and implemented properly. Without further ado, lets dive in!

  1. Sell

When creating an online retail store or similar businesses, the first thing a marketer should do is focus on generating revenue. Generally, marketers would limit the amount of products to their predicted best-sellers and focus on them…

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