You must have been witnessing Google’s popularity on these days as everyone individual prefer search engines like Google to discover things through. Online marketing is not only great platform but also is a simple technique to advertise your business/service/product online.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing is broad category which has various form of advertising to promote any kind of service/business. It includes going door to door for selling product, putting pamphlet on road side hoarding, newspaper, distributing brochures and telephonic conversation. Basically traditional marketing is often costly and has large workplace that needs lots of energy to do traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing also refers as Online Marketing which refers to advertise and promote any kind of service/product through internet. It uses the web in which people get information about the service/product that drives sales of your business. With Online Marketing, Digital marketers check things out like what is being viewed, how often it being viewed and for how long, what content works and doesn’t work, etc.

Find out the reason why digital Marketing dominates traditional marketing:

Better ROI: Digital marketing gives you better ROI (return on investment) than traditional marketing. While Marketing Automation, it let you know at moment if a user clicks on a specific campaign you are running for any kind of category. You get instance result during any campaign you are running, it give proper information that how it is running.

Better connection with customer: Great result for your business, it needs a clear-cut conversation with customers as it provides you better customer engagement, if you compared to traditional marketing than it is interruption marketing which do not increase more leads.

Show your business to customer if they find it interesting which you have offer them and give them correct information with clear-cut communication then definitely they will tend for your service.

Cost effective: as I said people tend to search online to discover things before finalizing them to purchase. Once your website ranked top of the search engine ranking through SEO and PPC then you do not need to make payment each time if someone clicks on your website. Your website can get lots of traffic through seo for free of cost. With online marketing you can target people of targeted location; it not only saves money but also saves time as well.

Wider reach: Mostly Traditional Marketing happens in local areas or if you want to do it to another places then it needs more money and more hard work but with online marketing you can advertise your business all over country through choosing specific cities in order to meet requirement.

Better Targeting Options: You cannot get as many options with traditional marketing compared to online marketing. With online marketing you can opt PPC (Pay per click) ads, where you can pay only when someone clicks on your ppc ads which lands user to your main website.

You can run campaign on facebook as facebook proven kind of social networking sites. You can target people through it on basis of gender wise and age wise.

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