This might be a concern that investing in Digital Marketing Company can be valuable for you, if yes than how to hire a company who provide you best Digital Marketing service.

Here are list of some questions which will help you to recognize a good Digital Marketing so keep in mind these questions before hiring a Digital Marketing agency for your small or big business:

  1. How long have you been in business?

It is not vital to ask but it gives you believe that if the company has been running from long time then it must have great record for their work. As Digital Marketing is new industry which has been around for about 20 to 25 year and every new agencies are opening everyday that have less amount of experience.

  1. Who are your past and current clients?

question-mark-stockimageIt is the questions you must ask because we should know about their past and current client’s details. If they have good data of their past and current clients and seem not fake then go ahead, but if they do not hold good record for any of their client then you yourself can decide that you should deal with them or not. If I would have been in place of you then I think twice before making decision, infect I would not deal with them.

  1. How do you report your results?

Before finalizing any Digital Marketing company, ask them how they will report you about your campaign progressing. Many agencies send weekly or monthly report to their clients about how their project progressing. So make sure they do not keep you in dark and sends weekly report to you.

  1. What are your fees?

I think Pricing is main concern, isn’t it? When it comes to pricing don’t go for very less amount offering company because there are possibilities that they can be fake/reel but these types of agencies do not get result for your website. Make a good decision when comes to pricing, pay according to results you are getting.

  1. Can you guarantee getting my product or service on the first page of Google’s Search Engine in this assured time period?

If the company have done work in their past for good project then they must have know how much time had been taken to get on the top of Google ranking. The will give a time period of getting your business on the first page of Google’s Search Engine but in case they do not give you any Guaranteed time period then step back before you make deal with that company.

I hope you will not make any mistake while choosing, if a company satisfies you to answer these questions correctly then, it will be the Digital marketing Agency