1. Create user-friendly web design: First of all you have to create a user friendly website for online presence. A good website will represent your business/company. If it will be successful to attract your customers then it must lead to increase in your business graph. A good Web design must include following points.
    • Concise content & readability: content is the most important part of your website, content is king. Create unique and as simple as content for your customers. Write Informational content, write for the users not for the search engine.
    • Graphics & videos: use photos or video for better text understanding, select high quality images or clips and must relate to your web content. Do not use too many graphics or animations otherwise your user will distract and quit from your site.
    • Navigation & functionality: make your navigation simple so that for user it is easy to follow. It should be at the top of your page and name each and every navigation bar properly. Make sure that your site functionality must work accordingly and add search functionality is a good way to engage users.
    • Mobile friendliness: It has been surveyed that 90% users use mobile device so, your site must be mobile friendly.
  1. Engagement with customers on social media: It has been analysed that 95% of population are using social sites on regular or daily basis like: Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Social media optimisation is one of the powerful tools to get engagement with the targeted audience. There are millions of Facebook active users in 24 hours. So, it social media engage the targeted audience very effectively.You can also run paid social ads such as: Facebook & twitter ads, etc. Digital marketing is the only and best platform which helps to grow your business through social media strategies.
          Learn  How to promote your company by using Social Media Optimization Services
  1. Email marketing: ‘Newsletter’ is the best way to update your customers about your product/service. Email marketing is a good channel of digital marketing which will definitely help to boost your business. You can send promotional mails, new arrival, informational mails to your subscribe network. Make sure that your email should be mobile friendly.
  2. Target your audience: you can target your audience you want to.
  3. Reaching more audience through Paid marketing: paid marketing includes like PPC, text ads and display ads through which we can reach more audience. PPC stand for Pay per click, it is the willingness to pay per click. Google ad words is a big brand which provides PPC services, it is connected by Google since appear last 16 years. You can easily and quick run your ads through ad words. PPC can be managed by two types of deliveries i.e. standard delivery and accelerated delivery. In standard delivery you can manage your campaign time, selective location, budget whereas in accelerated delivery your ad will run till your budgeted amount is finished.

          These are the three types of networks

  • Search networks: In this you can run only text ads. It is the best form of PPC to generate queries instantly through text information. Using call to action terms like: discounts, sell, buy, offer, festive season, deal of the day, etc. You can also run text ad for selective location
  • Display networks: In this network you can run your campaign on Google adwords partner sites. Types of display network are: Text ad, Image ad, Display ads builder, Video ad
  • Video network: it is the best type of ad as it includes video with sound. In this video network you will get more and more subscribers.

6. Content marketing: ‘content is just like blood in the heart for Digital marketing Agency . It is a great way to spread awareness about your web page. Content marketing includes like content posting on social sites, article posting, blog posts, etc. Write the content which your users will enjoy to read with the help of content marketing you will be able to reach your customers effectively.