In simple words Digital stands for ‘Online’ and marketing stands for ‘advertising’. We can say that Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online advertising strategies and achievements. It means to promote any product/service/brand online.

In the ancient time ‘Traditional marketing’ is used to promote any product or service. But now in this advance world ‘Digital marketing’ is used for promotion.

  • Traditional Marketing: It is a form of offline advertising. It is the most simplest and usual form of advertising used by most of the people at most of the time. It may consist of tangible items, some of the examples for this type of marketing are: business cards, print ads in magazines or newspapers, street or road banner ads.
  • Digital Marketing: It is the most effective form of advertising i.e., online advertising. Since the 1990s and 2000s has changed the digital approach used by brands and business for their promotion. Digital marketing activities include Search engine optimisation (SEO), Social media optimisation (SMO), Content marketing, Search engine marketing (SEM), e-commerce marketing, e-mail marketing, Pay per click (PPC), etc.

Conclusion: Digital marketing is the best way of advertising as it is relatively cheapest and effective to traditional marketing. One of the biggest advantages to opt this method is that it can reach to the targeted audience whether; in traditional method we can only reach to the local audience.


Importance of Digital Marketing:

  • Cost effective:
  • Delivers conversion:
  • The number of consumers:
  • Interaction with targeted audience:
  • Builds brand reputation:
  • Better ROI for marketing investments:
  • Earns people trust:

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